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Tarot Reading

Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers You Seek, In One Place

What can I expect my reading to be like?

Expect a positive and confirming experience in your reading.


There is no reason to feel fear before-hand, because God and your guides always want to love you and show you the best path.  Be open to receiving advice and confirmation.


Come into the reading questions ready or with no questions at all! Either way is fine.


If you feel drawn to get a reading, more than likely your guides want to communicate something to you.

How long does each reading session take?

Each personal reading has a specific time stamp posted.

General tarot is 45 minutes.

Love readings are 25 minutes.

Akashic Records are 1 hour long.

I do not go over time and warp it is fast.

Can you do readings over the phone?

Yes, all readings are done via zoom call.

If you download the zoom app, your reading can be done using just your mobile phone!

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